Milo & Kate

Role on Project: Co-Writer                                                                                                        

Although Lionhead’s groundbreaking character-driven project Milo & Kate was sadly shelved, Martin firmly believes that, “From a story and character development standpoint, this is one of the most groundbreaking, innovative and exciting video game project I’ve worked on,” while in an interview with Eurogamer (April 2012), the game’s creator Peter Molyneux described Milo as, “The most fascinating project I ever worked on,” and that it was “…far more realised than the world ended up ever seeing.”

Martin worked closely with award winning film, TV and radio writer Lin Coghlan to co-write the project. To view excerpts from Milo & Kate, please visit, where the game’s performance director John Dower speaks about the project in greater depth.

View footage from the game:

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