“In an industry that is still trying to discover the best ways to tell compelling stories and generate genuine character empathy, we need writers who are prepared to push the boundaries and seek new and exciting ways to engage and immerse gamers: writers who can create compelling, believable characters, deep, immersive worlds and entertaining tales that seamlessly complement gameplay.


After working with Martin on Fable: The Journey, Milo & Kate, The Movies and Black & White 2, I believe that he is a writer who fulfils all of those criteria. Martin is a writer who is always looking to take the role of storytelling and character development/empathy in new and exciting directions, and he has a keen understanding of their relationship with gameplay and design. I’d highly recommend his scriptwriting and narrative design services.”

Peter Molyneux, OBE, Founder, Lionhead Studios and 22 Cans

“Martin is an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s flexible but creatively focused, able to hit difficult deadlines, and I’ve personally enjoyed reading his larger works. I’ve known Martin for over a decade now and very much value his opinion and wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.”

Jonty Barnes, Production Director, Bungie

"I have worked in film and television for many years and have learned by experience how difficult it is to find collaborators who are not only skilled at their craft but also gifted with a real insight into the lives of the characters they create. Film and TV is a collaborative art form, and being talented is not nearly enough, a writer also needs enough generosity of spirit to be able to work alongside other writers and creative team members. Martin is not only a gifted writer, but he has a passion for the work and a real ability to take an idea and run with it, enriching everyone he works with, and making the process exciting, successful and fun."


"I have worked widely in theatre, film, TV, and radio, working alongside large creative teams and highly experienced writers; I would not hesitate in saying that my experience of working with Martin was one of the best of my career to date. I value and respect his skill and warm-hearted approach to the work, and I very much hope we will work together again in the future."

Lin Coghlan, Film, TV, Radio and Video Game Writer Winner Prix du Public Nantes Film Festival/Best Single Drama Kidscreen New York (Some Dogs Bite)

"Martin Korda is that rare beast – a writer who both straddles and fundamentally understands the challenges of both linear and interactive storytelling. A natural gamer, by instinct and through experience, Martin has honed his screenwriting skills and his understanding of the importance of character and story structure. While working with him as Performance Director on the Xbox 360 Kinect project Milo & Kate, I was struck by his ability to write with both these sometimes competing requirements in mind.  That he did so with great humour and creative integrity proved his ability and talent at writing for games, particularly those that value the story the player discovers."

John Dower, Film, TV and Video Game Director