FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns

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FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns continues the story of rising soccer star Alex Hunter as he embarks on the second season of his professional career. Martin was again the writer of this critically acclaimed story mode, which charts Alex's on- and off-pitch triumphs and challenges as he seeks to build on his promising debut season and establish himself as one of the most talented and sought after young players on the planet.

Upon its release, FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns received widespread critical acclaim, with FIFA 18 attaining an 84% Metacritic rating on both PS4 and Xbox One. Praise for the story mode from the video gaming press was widespread. Gaming Age awarded the game its highest rating (A+), declaring that, “Much like last year’s outing, FIFA 18’s strength comes from a fantastic career/story mode.” The Games Machine called Hunter Returns an, “awesome second season." Gaming Nexus’s review lauded it as a, “wonderful experience” while Xbox Achievements praised the, “compelling story.”

Gaming Trend’s review also lavished praise on the narrative, stating that, “FIFA 18 brings back Alex Hunter and makes his story better. With a detailed focus on the protagonist’s many complicated relationships, this new Alex Hunter tale is the best narrative in a sports game." The review also stated that, “…the interactions between characters is by far the most memorable aspect of the mode.” Game Informer’s review praised, “The script, voice actors, and Frostbite-generated graphics,” which, “…again deliver a great experience.”

Sporting News’s review called the story, “excellent,” going on to say that, “The Journey carries with it some real emotion in its story beats,” while SomosXbox also commended the story, calling it, “…a much-improved version of last year’s mode,” that, “turns out to be a must play for everyone who owns this game.”

PC Gamer wrote that, “I was one of the biggest cheerleaders for The Journey last year, and the sequel is even better… Like last year this is used as a backdrop for grounded character drama, with most of the narrative taken up with Alex reconnecting with his estranged father. Meanwhile secondary characters like Alex’s blustering friends Danny and Kim (a new character who plays for the US women’s team) feel three-dimensional, each the hero of their own kind of football story. It would have been very easy for FIFA to deliver a simple cliched tale of sporting triumph, but at every turn it attempts to be more nuanced and complex.”

Gaming website EGM’s review also praised the story, stating that, “There are some truly compelling moments in this year’s “Journey,” especially one decision that you have to make early on, not to mention a surprisingly touching storyline involving Alex’s family.”


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