Jonathan Kane: The Protector

Role on Project: Writer and Voice Director                                                                                                                                                              

Working closely with Polish developer Gingerbread Studios, Martin created the characters, penned the story and script and directed the voice actors for this action adventure (which was released as Hidden Target in certain regions).

When a new terrorist organisation (Scarlet Vengeance) learns that world renowned archaeologist Dr. Kelvin Guile has discovered the location of an ancient artefact capable of causing devastating destruction, they attempt to extract the information from him. When he refuses to cooperate they turn their attentions to the only other person who knows the artefact’s whereabouts, Kelvin’s daughter, Jennifer.

Hired to protect her is hardened British mercenary and Jennifer’s former love interest, Jonathan Kane. Together they must overcome their differences to escape the clutches of Scarlet Vengeance and ultimately thwart a terrorist atrocity that threatens the stability of the free world.

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