“I’ve worked closely with Martin for many years during the development of numerous projects at Lionhead Studios. I have found him to be a very skilled writer whose work is always well written, creative and entertaining."

Mark Webley, Studio Head, Lionhead Studios

"Martin’s writing is succinct and thoroughly easy to work with from an actor’s perspective. It was a great joy to work with his scripts, which are amongst the best there are. His experience with gaming scripts is beyond reproach, full of imagination and with a fun side, as well as a serious edge when needed. His understanding of different characters suggests that he might have been an actor in a previous life."

John Talbot, Theatre and Video Game Actor

"I worked with Martin on a large project and since our first meeting it was astonishing how focused and dedicated to his work he is. From the general concept through to characters, setting, script, and even the tiniest details, he was constantly thinking how to improve them, discussing them and rewriting them in order to make sure they fit perfectly."


"What’s even more important is that he worked with all of the development team – level designers, character modellers and action programmers to keep track of what could and what couldn’t be done technically, and then adapting the script and game-flow accordingly."


"Having had a chance to work with him and to experience his creativity, writing talent and dedication to create a complete game and not only a good script, I can sincerely recommend Martin’s work. He’s not only a true pro, he’s also a great guy to talk to and work with!"

Andrzej Wilewski, CEO/Lead Programmer, Silden Games

"When developing our multi-platform game Anomaly: Warzone Earth, we were looking for an experienced writer who would be able to work closely with us to write high-quality dialogue. We needed someone who was fluent in English and able to write any type of language we were looking for: colloquial, military and scientific lingo. We met Martin Korda – who was already an experienced games writer – at Gamescom and after our meeting we decided to work with him. We soon discovered that hiring him was a really good decision. Working with Martin went very smoothly and he was highly responsive to our dialogue suggestions. On its release, the game averaged 80% on Metacritic, which was testament to the game’s quality in every department. I can highly recommend Martin to game developers who are looking for a talented and skilled writer."

Paweł Miechowski, Senior Writer, 11bit Studios